Alba has a 34.72% shareholding in GreenRoc Mining Plc, which owns two critical minerals projects in Greenland. All of GreenRoc’s assets were acquired from Alba on GreenRoc’s IPO in September 2021

GreenRoc owns and operates two high-grade mining projects in the mining-supportive jurisdiction of Greenland: the Amitsoq Graphite Project and the Thule Black Sands Ilmenite Project.

Graphite and ilmenite/titanium, have been designated as critical minerals by the EU and USA. The demand for graphite is forecast to increase by upto 2,500% by 2040 raltive to 2020 levels, driven by its use in the fast-growing EV sector.

GreenRoc’s strategy is focused on fast-tracking exploration to significantly add to the inherent value of its assets and move towards development and production.

Thule Black Sands, Greenland

Amitsoq Graphite, Greenland

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